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Signs You Need Hair Transplant Surgery

As you know, your hair is your identity, and if it starts to thin out, it is likely to become stressful. There are times regaining lost hair can be achieved through stress reduction or diet change. However, it may not work for all patients suffering from hair loss. This is where surgical hair transplants come into your rescue to offer you a long-lasting solution. Ensure you go for Gro hair transplant consultation before undertaking the procedure. So, what is the best time to do the procedure?

You are of Right Age

Ideally, you can start experiencing hair loss at any given age after puberty. A lot of doctors believe it is vital that they wait for an appropriate age before they undertake surgery. Some doctors recommend that you need to be at least 30 years old. Their argument is if the procedure is done sooner, you will not have adequate time to lose the hair.

You Have Been Balding for Over Five Years

hair transplant surgeryWhenever you discover hair thinning, it is vital to start thinking about methods to prevent excessive hair loss. However, if you want to undergo hair transplantation, it is vital to go for it after over five years of balding. Since their loss does not happen at all times, waiting until you experience thinning will give your doctor an understanding of your hair loss. In this way, a custom plan of action can help you get the results you need.

You Have Realistic Expectations

You should note that hair transplantation can take time to grow and settle. For instance, even after transplantation, your hairs can fall back out again. If they grow back, it may take several months or even a year before you can style or cut your hair. You should note that patience is the key if you are ready to wait.

You Have No Underlying Medical Conditions

For hair transplant surgery to be effective, you ought to assess any medical conditions or medications that are likely to compete with your healing process. There are various types of medications that can have a severe impact on hair loss, and it is vital to talk to the doctor about the available options. If you are suffering from stress, your results are bound to vary. Remember that stress can have a huge effect on the body and your recovery.

You should note that hair transplant surgery is the only long-lasting solution for hair loss. Thus, you should consider choosing a reputable clinic with qualified and experienced surgeons to undertake the procedure.…

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