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Tips for Wearing Mock Neck Shirts

Mock neck shirts usually remind most people of the pipe smoke, scratchy neck, and leisure suits. But today their popularity has undergone a lot of makeovers, and they have become a game-changer in the modern, retro-inspired dressing style.

Start With Dark Colors

The market is full of different colors of mock necks shirts. From bright green to red, but if you are getting started, the best option is black. You can start with this color and then move to the different stripes, hues, and pared-down patterns when you have got it down.

Look for Thin Mock Necks

The chunky type of mock neck in intricate weaves and knits can be quite warm, but also add some bulk that you do not want for your winter look. You can instead go for one made of a thinner fabric such as merino wool. Another option would be to go for the cashmere that hugs your body if you want to look really fancy.

Consider the Topcoat Style

If you want a mod-rock style inspiration, you need to can go for a slim black topcoat, black jeans, black mock neck, and black boots to eliminate the grandpa vibes. Wearing your mock neck shirt is by far the easiest and most efficient style swerve of the season.mock neck with suit

You Do Not Have to Spend a Fortune

If you like the look in a mock neck, you can start out by going for relatively cheaper designs, and you will still be able to embrace your style. With time you can upgrade into more luxurious and pricier designs to enhance your look. Just remember to get what you can afford but still maintain the style.

Mock neck shirts are a trend for most men today, and you can try it out as well. Having these facts in mind will help you get your desired style and look at a reasonable cost.…

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